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Fenrer said :
Hmh, shuld have filled in the edge that was provided by previous panel i see.  Good to know for next try.
Xrott said :
Sorry, I suspected this was going to create confusion... You've given me an idea now though!
Fenrer said :
No worries, just a bit of trial and error to get used to all new stuff. Love being able to colorpick from that edge.happy-emote
Xrott said :
I've changed it now so that it overlaps the panels on book pages, like I think you assumed it would. This'll probably be much more intuitive and easier to work with.
Fenrer said :
That does make it easier. Was a bit of extra guesswork and estimating as I did the third panel with no overlap in mind before the change. Have to test drawing some more once I get to my own computer again.