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Alpha Phase II

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one panel at a time.

Welcome! After the latest giant update, we're now officially in Alpha Phase 2!

What this means is, while functional, this website is still under heavy development. A lot of features are still missing and sometimes things might just break. Please report any bugs you find on the official Discord server!

Changelog Highlights for Phase 2

  • Redesigned comments on panel pages
  • Redesigned head of book pages
  • Proper settings page to change options
  • Proper user-pages
  • Proper front-page
  • Improved list of most recent books
  • Improved book creation page
  • Ability to edit books
  • Book tagging-system
  • Tag pages to find books with same tag
  • Special tags that can change the look or behaviour of books
    • closed – prevents anyone from adding new panels to the book
    • adult – hides books from those that don't want to see adult content
    • whitelist – only whitelisted users can add panels to the book
    • private – hides books from everyone except whitelisted users
    • strict – one single user can't submit two panels in a row
    • sequential – only one user can draw a new panel at a time
    • map – display book as one giant image
    • animation – play back book as an animation
  • "The End" and "Someone is Drawing" graphics
  • Three default avatar colors, randomly selected when signing up
  • Badges showing statuses on avatars like rookie, featured, admin etc.
  • Dates will be converted to local time zones
  • BBCode time-tag that inserts a point in time
  • The drawing tool now zooms in around cursor
  • The number of undo-steps is now configurable
  • Added easier way of setting colors on the custom palette
  • More hidden easter-eggs

What's in Store for Future Updates?

  • Pen pressure for drawing tool
  • Notifications and follow/watch system
  • Inbox for messages
  • Editing comments
  • Liking panels
  • Changing/resetting passwords
  • Featured users and books
  • Mobile drawing tool
  • Book search
  • Forum for discussions
  • and more...

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